DEFF Conference 2017 in Copenhagen

DEFF is very pleased to invite publishers to participate in the DEFF Conference event on 9th and 10th of May 2017 in Copenhagen. The theme is Data, Service and Collaboration. Please be aware that these dates are different than previously announced!

DEFF Conference 2017

DEFF Conference 2017 is arranged by DEFF (Denmark's Electronic Research Library). The theme for 2017 will be “Data, Service and Collaboration”.


Crowne Plaza
Copenhagen Towers Ørestaden
Boulevard 114
DK-2300 Copenhagen S


9th and 10th of May 2017

About the conference

DEFF Conference 2017 is a two-day conference aimed at members of the DEFF Consortium and invited publishers and producers of databases, e-books, e-reference works and online journals.

The program will include key-note speakers, and a number of publisher presentation slots together with break-out session. We will organise a conference dinner on Tuesday the 9th.

The event will be announced to members of the DEFF Consortium, Librarians from Danish academic and higher educational libraries together with high school level libraries.

We expect about 200 participants from the DEFF institutions.

Sponsor fee

The fee for a table with two chairs centrally located at the conference is 800 EUR. See all infomation concering sponsor fees in the text box.

Price for 1 night at the Conference hotel is 825 kr. ex. VAT (about 110 EUR). Book directly via this link.


Deadline for registration is March 31st, 2017

There is a max capacity of appr. 30 exhibitors – first come first served. 

All the participating publishers will receive an email with practical information and a invoice a few weeks before the conference starts.

For any questions please contact 

Siden er sidst opdateret: 23.02.2017


Helle Bernskov
33 73 33 60

Sponsor fee

The sponsor fee is 800 EUR. It includes the following: 

  • Two persons participating from your company
  • A stand of appox. 2-3 square meters in the exhibition area - we provide a table and 2 chairs
  • Wireless internet connection
  • Coffee, tea, water, fruit and lunch for two persons
  • A discounted room at the conference venue hotel Crowne Plaza
  • Your company name and logo on a presentation in the plenum room (we cannot be held responsible for any deviations from your own design manual)

There will be limited time slots for the exhibitors to present their product in break-out sessions. If your company would want the possibility of doing a 25 minutes presentation of your product in a designated room the additional price will be 200 EUR.

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