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Denmark's Electronic Reseach Library (DEFF) is an organisational and technological collaboration between academic, research and education libraries, co-funded by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture.

DEFF´s purpose is to promote the development of a network of electronic libraries that make electronic and other information resources available to users in a consistent and simple way. DEFF provides support to joint development projects including the development of infrastructure, and administers joint purchases of licences. DEFF can also award grants in support of international activities.

DEFF negotiates and enters into contracts for electronic licences on behalf of academic, research and education libraries. All Danish academic, research and education libraries are eligible to participate in the DEFF collaboration. 

DEFF´s daily business is managed by a steering committee consisting of a chair and seven members with voting rights. A coordination committee, consisting of three members, has overall responsibility for DEFF.

Current strategy: Openness, access and sharing

Openness, access, sharing

Denmark’s Electronic Research Library (DEFF) operates in a rapidly changing environment. Over the next few years, the research and education sector will face many of the same challenges.

Users’ needs will change, as will their expectations of both content and access. New ways of looking at the roles and core tasks of research institutions will be required.

Read our strategy for 2016-2019"Openness, access and sharing" here

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c/o Agency for Culture and Palaces
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Email: deff@remove-this.slks.dk

Tel: +45 3373 3373

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  • DEFF
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  • H.C. Andersens Boulevard 2
  • 1553 Copenhagen V
  • Tel: +45 3373 3373
  • Email: deff@remove-this.slks.dk
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