Broad agreement on the goals for this year’s license negotiations

In response to the significant contributions of Danish researchers, all institutions represented by DEFF demand lower prices and increased services from the academic publishers.

During this year’s license negotiations Denmark’s Electronic Research Library (DEFF) will focus on, i.a. lower prices, better and increased services from the publishers and a better transition to Open Access.

As consortium for the Danish research and educational libraries DEFF negotiate the access to electronic research publications such as articles and e-books, so that, for example, students and researchers at Danish universities and university colleges can access a wealth of research through DEFF’s licenses.

This year the most significant negotiations will include, i.a. Cambridge University Press, Thomson-Reuters and Elsevier that is among the absolute biggest suppliers to the consortium. The value of DEFF’s agreement with Elsevier constitutes about 40 percent of the consortium’s total revenue.

Broad agreement on the goals

Dyveke Sijm, team leader for the DEFF negotiators, explains that all the institutions represented in these negotiations have agreed on what they expect the outcome to be.

“Already before the summer holiday we decided on a number of reasonable requirements for these negotiations. There is a clear consensus about these requirements. We must assist the transition to green Open Access in accordance to our national strategy, we must make the work at the institutions easier, and not least we must stop the abnormal price increases that the institutions quite simply can’t afford anymore.”

More than enough time

The big negotiations are carried out by DEFF’s team of negotiators. The institutions are here represented by Per Lindblad, Director at the Royal Danish Library. Behind the scenes the negotiators work closely together with the preparation team, where all the institutions are represented.

The first negotiations have already been held, which according to Dyveke Sijm ensures that there will be more than enough time to reach acceptable agreements.

Better prices and conditions

All members of the consortium agree on this year’s negotiation goals and on top of that list is the expectation of lower prices. Dyveke Sijm emphasizes that in these times price control is crucial:

“The institutions just can’t afford any more price increases, it’s as simple as that. We must ensure a fair pricing, but furthermore we are also determined to acquire services with a higher level of commitment - that balance the considerable financial and contentual contributions made to the publishers by Danish research institutions and their researchers.”

The expectation is a number of improvements with regard to service deliveries and the core rights that the publishers provide. That includes deliveries relating to Open Access, where the publishers must assist in a better transition to Green Open Access. That is why the institutions now collectively require that the publishers allow the self-archiving of an Open Access-version of each research article, and furthermore that the publishers automatically send a version ready to be archived.

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Dyveke Sijm
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Dyveke Sijm
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