Optical Society of America unwilling to co-operate

Following an unreasonable conduct of negotiations Optical Society of America (OSA) has decided to end its cooperation with DEFF. OSA has not expressed willingness to meet the continuous compromise proposals put forward by the DEFF institutions.

Representatives of The Optical Society of America have chosen to end the negotiations and terminate the agreement with DEFF after having themselves offered an unacceptable and unfair pricing model to the Danish institutions

The team coordinator for the DEFF license negotiators, Dyveke Sijm says:

We regret to inform that we have received the publisher’s decision to end the co-operation, especially as the affected research and educational institutions in Denmark have shown a great willingness to compromise and have altogether gone to great lengths in order to reach an agreement based on mutually acceptable terms. DEFF is, of course, willing to resume the dialogue whenever the publisher is ready.”  

At this moment several Danish universities subscribe to material from OSA. OSA has throughout the whole negotiation process adopted a take it or leave it-approach with regard to the introduction of a new pricing model that involves significant price increases for several of the institutions. The offered proposal was furthermore very rigid in its fixed demand for a yearly payment, which in principle would force institutions that were part of the agreement to pay for institutions that chose to leave it. A charging model which is completely unacceptable for the institutions.

Bertil Dorch, Library Director at The University Library of Southern Denmark, says:

In general we welcome the introduction of new pricing models from the publishers, especially in the case of models that reflect their actual effort and value for the research community, but at the same time, as long-standing customers, naturally expect reasonable price conditions. It does not make sense for a new pricing model to entail sky-high price increases and to be including unacceptable terms of contract for the individual research institutions without, for example, adding new and substantial advantages for the researchers in relation to their access to and publication in these journals.

Often it is the big, commercial, international publishing houses that are criticized for abusing their near-monopoly status to demand preposterous price increases, but also in this case the sudden price leap can best be described as absurd.


Dyveke Sijm, special consultant, Denmark’s Electronic Research Library,
Phone: +45 33 73 33 44, dys@slks.dk

Siden er sidst opdateret: 13.02.2018


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