Call for bid on Evaluation and Adjustment of KE Funding Infrastructure questionaire

Evaluation and advice on questionnaire on funding research data infrastructure

Knowledge Exchange (KE) seeks a consultant to:

1. Help to evaluate the outcomes of a questionnaire sent to research funding and research performing organisations that are members of Science Europe (SE);

2. Give advice on the development of a complementary questionnaire to be sent to research related organisations in the Knowledge Exchange member countries, such as research libraries and data centres;

3. Evaluate the outcomes of the latter questionnaire and analyse the outcomes;

4. Write a report on outcomes across both questionnaires such as communalities, differences and correlation, and present the report at a SE and KE event.

The aim of both questionnaires is to better understand the landscape (strategies, processes, practices, responsibilities, needs) with regard to the funding of research data infrastructures and possibly identify opportunities for improvement.

Description of work

We wish to invite a consultant to help evaluate outcomes of a questionnaire, developed in a joint initiative between Knowledge Exchange and Science Europe, which aims to better understand the landscape (strategies, processes, practices, responsibilities, needs) with regard to the funding of research data infrastructures. This qualitative questionnaire is the first part of the work, whereas the second part will be to address another audience with a separate questionnaire. Evaluation and comparison of these questionnaires should lead to an informative landscape report, to be published by in early 2015.

Consultant role

The first questionnaire has been sent to members of Science Europe, as these research funding organisations and research performing organisations are considered to be intrinsically motivated and well prepared to fill in the answers. The answers need to be evaluated (part 1 of the work).

The outcome will indicate how the second questionnaire, addressing relevant organisations in the Knowledge Exchange partner countries can best be set-up. These organisations in the Knowledge Exchange countries (research libraries and archives, infrastructure funders, data centers, etc.) may have more difficulty or need guidance to provide comparable answers. This requires the development of an adjusted questionnaire, in such a way that the answers can be compared with and complement the outcomes of the first questionnaire (part 2 of the work).

The evaluation of the outcomes of the second questionnaire (to the organisations in Knowledge Exchange countries), comparison with outcomes of the first questionnaire (to the member organisations of Science Europe) will be documented in a ‘landscape’ report (part 3 of the work).

This report will be published as a Knowledge Exchange paper and presented and discussed at a Science Europe and Knowledge Exchange event (workshop, seminar). Presenting on the outcomes and contributing to the event is included in the assignment (part 4 of the work).

The consultant will work in collaboration with the task groups of Science Europe and Knowledge Exchange.

Estimated timeline

The original questionnaire is included and was sent to approximately fifty organisations, all members of Science Europe, with a deadline to respond before 8 July.
Approximately fifty research related organisations within the Knowledge Exchange partner communities will receive the (adjusted) questionnaire that needs to be developed. This questionnaire will be ultimately sent out by the Knowledge Exchange Office by the 30 October 2014.

Evaluation of outcomes of the original questionnaire (part 1 of the work) may start early September and should be finalised by 19 September 2014 in a preliminary report. The adjusted questionnaire can be developed between 20 September and 20 October 2014 (part 2 of the work) and distributed by 30 October 2014 with a deadline for response of 30 November 2014. Evaluation of outcomes, comparison of the questionnaires and writing the report should take place in December, and the full content of the report should be available by 15 January 2015. The date to present the report at a SE and KE event is yet to be decided (Q1/2015).

Your proposal

If you are interested in applying for this body of work, please supply a written proposal on your methodology, the activities you will undertake, a breakdown of the costs (including VAT if applicable) and an associated timeline as well as a CV and evidence of past work.
The written proposal, in digital format, should be sent to the Administrator of the Knowledge Exchange office: Sarah James The bid closes at midnight, 20 August 2014.

We have a maximum of 7.500 euros including VAT available for this consultancy work. The report should be complete no later than 15 January 2015.

We will consider the bids comparatively and will let you know if you are accepted to do the work by 28 August. You may begin work from this point on. There will be a meeting on the responses from the first questionnaire with Knowledge Exchange and Science Europe representatives on 5 September 2014 in Brussels – your attendance is possible and travel costs can be covered by KE.

Contacts for this bid

7 July - 3 August: Bas Cordewener, Knowledge Exchange coordinator,, tel. +31 683 577 255

4 August - 20 August: Irina Kupiainen, Lead of Knowledge Exchange task group on Funding Research Data Infrastructure,, Tel. + 358 50 381 2644.


The questionnaire sent to Science Europe can be provided to parties interested in submitting a bid upon request.

Knowledge Exchange is an initiative bringing together expertise of experts in the field of ICT for academic research from five countries in Europe: Denmark, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands and the UK. Experts from the partner organisations and institutions meet and share ideas how they can best work on making a layer of scholarly and scientific content openly available on the internet. We work on the exchange of knowledge to achieve this vision by organising workshops, writing briefing papers, reports, and other materials and interactions. For more information please see:

Science Europe is an association of European Research Funding Organisations (RFO) and Research Performing Organisations (RPO), based in Brussels. Its mission is to promote the collective interests of the Research Funding and Research Performing Organisations of Europe. It supports its member organisations in their efforts to foster European research. It will strengthen the European Research Area (ERA) through its direct engagement with key partners. For more information please see:

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